A number of things need to be in place in order to create a positive hidden curriculum in a school. It is very important for the school to define its values and ethos and clearly articulate this to the staff who will than pass on this information in various forms to the students as it is hidden to a certain degree. It may well be made explicit to the parents especially when it involves sensitive elements like bullying or racism.
Bullying in Schools can occur in any setting and it can be a serious problem and generally it does become the responsibility of the school to deal with this. Most school bullying takes place in areas that are less supervised by adults such as on the bus, cafeteria. The intended hidden curriculum would be to punish the bully for example by discrediting him/her in some way, or as Freud (1870) conceptualised, perhaps by claiming the individual is psychologically ‘projecting’ on to others as some sort of defence mechanism. The consequences on this or the unintended hidden curriculum is that children will see the value of others as a result of the schools intended negative reinforcement. School should instead adopt approaches like positive reinforcement (the process of encouraging or establishing a pattern of behaviour by offering reward when the behaviour is exhibited). This is a more useful approach where the teachers appreciate the students for meritorious behaviour ad this can be defined in various ways like value on respect. Above is an example of many approaches schools may adopt.
In order for an approach or teaching methodology to be successful, the entire school needs to buy in; they have to provide the necessary support to the staff so not only do they understand the approaches but they can successfully implicit them as it’s “all about alignment” Jerald (2006).


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