A Job Advert serves a similar purpose to a job description, which is displaying the basic terms of the job and the responsibilities that the job includes, as most job adverts published do provide a short description of what the job involves and its responsibilities, however job descriptions go further into detail, by underlining more responsibilities and roles not just a brief description. This is because potential candidates may be put off by a job advert which is very long and tedious, filled with every single responsibility included with the job, as people are more likely to be drawn to short and snappy adverts which initially grabs the attention of the candidate. Despite sharing this similarity, there is also a lot of underlining differences between a job advert and job description, one being the overall purpose of the two documents. A job advert is there to attract candidates by selling the job and presenting it in the best way possible to make it attractive to apply for. A stifled, formal document, like a job description, won’t do this and it certainly will not reflect the tone and culture of your company, which is a major selling point for companies. As previously mentioned, job advertisements are designed to attract potential candidates. Job descriptions tend to be very lengthy and detailed making it difficult for applicants to pick out the relevant information needed to encourage them to apply, making it hard for employers to capture their interest. Adverts tend to be short, consistent with the employers company brand and voice and also able to grab attention quickly by clearly outlining the Job Title, Location and Salary followed by an overview of the Requirements and a brief description of the Role and Company. More detailed information can be given at a later date, such as during the interview process or upon request.

If companies do not differentiate between the job description and the job advert, employers may find themselves posting a job description to recruitment forums and websites which is dull, lengthy and unappealing to candidates. This may lead to potentially missing out on candidates finding your job and being compelled to apply. However, if organisations can draw out the essential criteria from the description and use this in your advert (whilst retaining a sense of your brand) their advert will be engaging, interesting, and informative whilst performing well in searches. This means that you will have a much better success rate in attracting the best candidates to your company. After all, a job advert’s purpose is to sell and a job description is there to tell.

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