. Being a supportive parent means being present, involved and helpful. It is very important for parents to give love, support, trust and optimism to make their children feel safe and secure. It will help them to cope with peer pressure, life’s challenges and disappointments connected with growing up.
My parents are always ready to support me. They actively encourage me to do my best with school. They support me in my hobbies and interests. My mom can listen without judgment. She always try to understand my concerns and challenges. My father always acknowledge my achievements and helps to understand my mistakes. I appreciate that they treat me fairly and it helps us to develop a trusting relationship. I feel their respect for my friends, clothing, music choices and other interests.
On my point of view, it is very important to have support through one of the biggest changes in our lives, towards adulthood and independence. However, it is very difficult to find balance between parents’ desire to care for their child and teenagers’ striving for independence. Therefore, we need to reach to some tradeoffs in order to maintain good relationships. Parents have to give more freedom to their children and let them learn from their own mistakes. At the same time, teenagers should listen to their parents more and be responsible for their actions, if they want to be considered as adults.
Even though, people grow up and start doing things like living separately from their parents and earning money, their parents keep treating them like children. Parents will always care about us and try to protect from everything. Despite being financially independent, we will feel dependent from our parents’ opinion and appreciation, because they are the most important people in our lives.
In conclusion, it is very important to find agreement between children and their parents in order to build strong and reliable connection, because such relationships are the most important in our lives.


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