? The original bread recipe only called for water and flour. This recipe resulted in what we would call flatbread.
? Leavened bread was discovered accidentally because a woman had left dough out and she came back later and saw the dough had risen.
? Archeologist have evidence that bread goes back 10,000 years.
? The bread recipe now is: mix flour, water, and yeast. Then you work the dough to get the ingredients mixed. Then let it rise.
? Bread is just about consumed/made everywhere
? Genus species: Saccharomyces cerevisiae
? Commonly known as yeast
? Yeast is a Eukaryotic microorganism
? The fermentation process takes carbohydrates and converts them into carbon dioxide and ethanol or alcohol. Foods and drinks such as bread, beer, and wine all come from ethanol or alcoholic fermentation.
? Brewer’s yeast can be used not just for baking but for health enhancements.
? Many people on certain diets use brewer’s yeast as supplements because they do not get what they need from their diets.
? Not too long ago yeast aided in the making of biofuels. Once the yeast makes sugar it will develop into ethanol, and once that happens it should be able to be a diesel replacement in cars. The process it goes through is exactly what beer and wine goes through.
? Ethanol Fermentation:
? The pathway that is required is glycolysis
? A glucose molecule converts to 2 pyruvic acids.
? From that reaction comes 2 ADP then that converts into NAD+ and NADH. When NAD+ converts to NADH, NADH produces hydrogen which will be used later.
? When the NAD+ converts into NADH, which cause the conversion to happen in a series.
? NADH then converts to 2 pyruvates which then converts to 2 acetaldehyde, and that makes 2 CO2 molecules that get expelled out.
? Then the 2 acetaldehyde is converted into 2 ethanol.
? NADH produced hydrogen and energy that aided in producing ethanol.


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