5.1 Induction Stove
Induction stoves revolver around Faraday’s Law. Induction stoves work by placing a flat solenoid beneath a glass ceramic plate. When an alternating current is applied to the solenoid it creates a changing magnetic field. The magnetic fields pass through the glass ceramic plate which in turn creates eddy currents in the metal pot, it then encounters a lot of resistance and produces heat as shown in figure 5.1.1, this warms up of the pot boils the water. The glass-ceramic plate itself is not heated other than by heat lost from the pot. The induction stove works best with pots made of ferromagnetic metals, which is your typical stainless steel or cast iron pots.

Figure 5.1.1: Illustration of an Induction Stove heating water
The Electromagnetic Gun
An induced electromotive force in any closed circuit is equal to the negative of the time rate of change of the magnetic flux enclosed by the circuit.
The shell – a bullet is held in an armature that can conduct electricity, which is then placed between two metal rails

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