3) General Company Description

Company mission, form of ownership, customer profile, long term vision, and short term goals are fully and effectively covered.
The following are the Mission, Vision, as well as Values that define both the short term and long term goals that E M properties that the company and its employees strive for so as to satisfactorily warm their clients’ hearts.

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Mission Statement

Helping you find a house is not a job to us, it is doing what we love.

Vision Statement

As a team, we find joy in housing everyone that comes into our midst.


“Our core values exist upon the love that we have for each other as a team, and the same love towards what we do, resulting in a love for our clients who we value most. This manifests itself as follows;

L……Loyalty to all, either team members or clients;
O……Oneness, in all we do, we strive to operate and deal with clients as a unit;
V……Vigour, be as it may be, a lot of effort is always put into what we do;
E……Expertise, our team is comprised of Specialists in their respective fields.” (E M Properties)

Short and Long term goals

“Our short-term goals involve facilitation of our clients having over their heads warm homes in the fastest time possible. On a long-term, we will strive to out-beat competition and continuously be regarded as masters in the art of real estate operations. This in turn, will result in better living standards for both our clients and employees.” (E M Properties)


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