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Many people realize that they have different learning styles and that many factors affect the learning and learning styles of each person. Learning styles are not fixed, people can use different styles in different situations. But people need to determine which learning style is their strength to help develop it in the better (Cognizant.com, 2018).

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In addition, in the period of development, people need to define their work style and this is important and essential. Knowing what you can do and wanting to do is the starting point to find the right situation for yourself when you work at a company or in a team, helping you work more effectively and professionally (David, 2018).

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TOC o “1-3” h z u Survey process: PAGEREF _Toc525214044 h 31.What is the learning styles? PAGEREF _Toc525214045 h 4a.Definition PAGEREF _Toc525214046 h 4b.The different of learning styles PAGEREF _Toc525214047 h 42.What is the working styles? PAGEREF _Toc525214048 h 5a.Definition PAGEREF _Toc525214049 h 5b.The different of working styles PAGEREF _Toc525214050 h 63.TeamWork and Individual work PAGEREF _Toc525214051 h 8a.TeamWork: PAGEREF _Toc525214052 h 8b.Individual work PAGEREF _Toc525214053 h 9c.Comparision TeamWork and Individual work PAGEREF _Toc525214054 h 104.The result of the survey. PAGEREF _Toc525214055 h 11a.The age group: PAGEREF _Toc525214056 h 11b.Some number and percentage at the age group 18-21 years old: PAGEREF _Toc525214057 h 12c.Some number and percentage at the age group 22-29 years old: PAGEREF _Toc525214058 h 145.In conclusion PAGEREF _Toc525214059 h 16REFERENCES PAGEREF _Toc525214060 h 17Appendix PAGEREF _Toc525214061 h 17
Survey process:In the era of modern life, learning and working are necessary requirement for human life, it is important for young generations to recognize the connection between learning styles and working styles which is the main purpose of the survey form of our assignment which includes 20 questions. The targets which are surveyed are at the age group from 18 to 29 and are students and workers. It can be done online by sending the questions to targets using social media and it will be sent around 60 people. Then, we summarized the statistics on the survey form.

What is the learning styles?DefinitionIn learning methods, we have a variety of styles that correspond to different individuals in terms of technology, an individual’s learning style refers to how students absorb, process, understand, and remember that information. For example, when students learn the necessary things to build a house, some students can understand the building process by hearing about the building process, otherwise have to observed to learn how the house is built.

It is important for educators and professors to understand the differences in student learning styles so that they can implement strategies on how they learn best and better in their activities, the curriculum and the daily school assessments of the students.
These theories suggest that people can be categorized according to their learning style, although different theories show different perspectives on how to identify and categorize learners in a learning style (Teach.com, 2018).
The different of learning styles (Educationdegree.com, 2018).Visual learner:
People can learn by visual and visual learners from nature.

Aural learner
Is the method of learning by sound can be challenging for teachers who aren’t teaching a lesson about music.

Verbal learner:
It’s mean like they should have learnt by voice.
Physical learner:
Physical learner when they have a hands-on approach to learning.

Logical learner
Is using your brain for logical and mathematical reasoning to learn.

Social learner
Is mean you learn in the natural group.
Solitary learner
Solitary learners are more independent and introspective compared to another learner.1120140000
For example:What is the best way for you to study for a test?
Listen to the answer (Auditory).

What kind of book would you like to read for fun?
A book with word searches or crossword puzzles (Tactile).

If you go to dance school, what will you most remember the next day?
 The faces of the people who were there (Visual).

In three classes, which is your favorite? (art, dance, sports, etc.)
Art class (Visual).
What is the working styles?Definition (Mindtools.com, 2018).The Belbin model, also known as the SPI or BTRSPI model, is essentially an individual assessment test that applies to teamwork. It was discovered by Meredith Belbin, a British theorist.

This model is especially useful when used for analysis in any situation, or when we want to create a group to accomplish a task that requires certain skills and member in a group.

The different of working styles (Mindtools.com, 2018).Coordinator (CO): The role of this member in the group is to define the purpose of the group, the role of each member, the conclusion of the problems in the group.

Shaper (SH): Planning action and anticipating difficulties in the implementation process.

Plant (PL):  Often propose new ideas and approaches.

Resources Investigator (RI): They are enthusiastic, understanding and working with external stakeholders to help the team accomplish common goals.

Monitor – Evaluator (ME): This member has the role of analyzing issues, assessing performance, monitoring implementation, and evaluating the contributions of other members.

Implementer (IMP): Establishes a plan for deploying workgroups for team members.

Team worker (TW): This is a team player that engages and motivates team members, conflict resolution, good diplomacy.

Completer- Finisher (CF): focus on completing tasks, managing quality, completing plans, correcting errors in the group.

Specialist (SP): Their role in the team is expert, they have a deep understanding, and they are confidently committed to understanding and opinions in their field of expertise.

For example:
What I believe I can contribute to a team?
The answere is:
“I can work well with a very wide range of people” =; TeamWorker (TW)
” Producing ideas is one of my natural assets” =; Plant (PL).

When involved in a project with other people?
The answere is
” I am keen to look for the latest in new ideas and developments” =; Resource Investigator (RI)
“I have an aptitude for influencing people without pressurizing them” =; Coordinator (CO).

My characteristic approach to group work is that
The answere is
I think I have a talent for making things work once a plan has to be put into operation” => Implementer (IMP)
I bring a touch of perfectionism to any team job I undertake” =; Completer Finisher (CF).

Relationship between learning and working style
When you are social learner, I recommend to choose which job require to work as group or be a leader to lead the organization. Moreover, they can choose the job require present skill because this type of learner often talk that much, they use talking skill as much as learning. So the job that fit them the most is: MC, singer, speaker, teacher, leader, you name it. Because these job fit their skill as well. Giving them opportunity to do their job is giving the market place more valuation.

For the auditory learner, the job might fit their skill is musician, harmonic musician, composer, instrumental performer, sound engineer, because these job require ability to hearing sense at the very sensitive hearing. Because the percentage that you might distinguish the differences is very hard. It hard to tell what note it is if you’re a normal guy. The sound sensor of these guy is at the high level that they instantly realize the note.

About logical type, they prefer logic than everything proof. This type usually is a high IQ and low EQ guy. They use their brain efficiency; they like to ask everything anywhere. According the expert, this type match logistic which arranging the everything in a perfect and logic way to make it coordinating and quicker. For instance, arrange the flight to make it always being on time without any issue, transportation which for deliver the goods to save time save money by using the right coordinate way to gain no waste on time or capital. Besides, there are multiple choice for this type like accountant, secretary, supply chain maintainer, etc. Which can apply the skill of these people perfectly to run the job successful and effectively.

Physical learner is the guy to is quick and sensitive with the sense of touching. They can do very great at physical aspect. Carpenter, Personal Trainer, Mechanic, Physical Therapist, Coach, Martial Art trainer, Cascadeur, Athlete, etc. Because this type usually has a muscle and flexible physical body, and mentally they can resist the pain really good.
Verbal learner: word is the strong point of you, you can use it very effectively to persuade people, use it as a way to make money, during the work this type need to very careful and make it more delicate. The job that fit them is real estate broker, seller, psychologist, lawyer, translator
Visual leaner: their eyes is a dangerous weapon due to the concentration of them, they work and learn by observing data. They can easily find out the tiniest detail that you can even think that exist. They love to overseeing think to learn. They absolutely fit this type of career. As their skill they can do as editor, visual artist or graphic designer, architect, observer, engineer, technician, photographer, etc.

After collect information and data about this assignment title, I found that between learning and working is having a very close and tight and relative to each other. I’m sure that you have heard people said that “Do what you like, you will be success”. No that wrong, it absolutely incorrect, you do what you do best, what the market place need in you, that you make the valuation to the market place only by that you can make profit, make money to yourself. Just take a breath and think, you enjoy do one stuff but it doesn’t make any profit or money or valuation to the society, community and market place. How do the demands pay money to you? You can say I love to do this please give me money. It nonsense. Then this research will explain to you how you can choose your career base on what you good at, based on the learning style that from the kid you already express out. Using these data, you could afford the market more valuation, then you will be success
TeamWork and Individual workTeamWork:A team of people working in the same office or even a joint project does not always carry out the work of a team. If the group is managed arbitrarily, there will probably be no interaction between the team members. If there are any different ideas in the group, the activity of the group will be hard to make. In contrast, a working group can still develop even if the members are not working or living in an environment, a certain space. A group can be formed in different ways: groups of friends may be formed by the appointment of a teacher, interest groups formed by each other, and groups working in an organization, Unit is due to recruitment according to the needs of that unit (kenhtuyensinh.vn). ( KHÔNG HI?U)
Advantages and Disadvantages of Teamwork:
There can be many ways to implement the problem.

Members help each other in a more effective way.

Constantly there will be replacement when one or more members have an unexpected problem.

The more members, the more opinions, the harder it is to agree.

There is competition in the group.

Be easily distracted if the division of work responsibilities and interests are uneven.

Individual workNowadays, we often talk about teamwork skills, the interaction between members of a team or simply in a group of students together. Without teamwork, it is very difficult for us to work and live together in a society. But if you do not know how to work alone, you will be very difficult to succeed in your career. The teamwork style is always the top priority, but while working in teams we still need independence to improve our work. So, do not over-emphasize your teamwork skills and forget about your independent work skills (Vanhoa.evn.com.vn.).

Advantages and Disadvantages of Individual Work
Working independently helps you manage time.

Follow the progress of the work.

Raise the level of expertise for yourself.

Easier to concentrate while working when there is less interrupted and no need to change to fit in with others.

You have to motivate yourself. There are no others to motivate you for getting things done.

You can get bored when working all by yourself. There isn’t anyone to talk to, share ideas with or get help from.

69850049149000When you are working alone, if you get sick or need to take days off, the work will be delayed because there won’t be anyone to continue it for you.

Do you believe team work and helping others is just as important as individual performance?
Yes => TeamWork.

Do you willingly share the knowledge and skills with team members?
No => Individual work.

Do the presents team members have opportunities to learn, grown and develop?
No => Individual work.

Do you encourage teamwork and collaboration between departments and co-workers?
Yes => TeamWork.

Comparision TeamWork and Individual work (Anon, 2013).This slide list all the positive and negative outcomes off individual work This slide lists all the positive and negative outcomes of teamwork.

Promotes Creativity Common direction
Rewards Initiative Equality
Autonomy Synergy
Entrepreneurial spirit Support
Individual Work Team Work
Isolation – hard on extrovert Group think
Lack of common direction Least common denominator effect
Disparity between equals Initiative not Acknowledge
Isolation Increase bias
Lack of support Hard on introverts
The result of the survey. The age group:
The percentage of people at two age groups.

Some number and percentage at the age group 18-21 years old:
The number of people who are workers and students.

The percentage of people who prefer to work as a TeamWork or Individual Work.
Because at this age, they think teamwork will produce the best result.

The number of the answer from people who choose the learning styles they prefer.
This age they think that tactile does not really attract them the way auditory and visual did.

The number of the answer from people who have different working styles in a group.
This age they like being a TeamWorker (TW), Completer Finisher (CF) and Implementer (IMP) more than others because they do not like to have too much burden.

Some number and percentage at the age group 22-29 years old:
The number of people who are workers and students.

The percentage of people who prefer to work as a TeamWork or Individual Work.
At this age, they also do not like to work personally, because they feel that their personal work is stressful and has too much work to do, and they want to work in groups to share work with others.

The number of the answer from people who choose the learning styles they prefer.

These people prefer visuals rather than auditory or tactile because they feel these can help them satisfy their curiosity and appeal rather than listening or feeling.

The number of the answer from people who have different working styles in a group.
Most people at this age are already going to work and just like to do when the job at the last stage, which is Completer Finisher (CF), because, for themselves, this is the simplest and lightest job in a group.

In conclusionBased on the results of the survey, we offer some advice that if you want to have a good job and fit yourself.
First, you need to determine what your style of learning is. Then add and develop your skills more, for example, you are a social learner, you should participate in many activities and social programs and grow to become a person doing the job. For example, if you are a social worker such as an MC, social worker, or a physical learner, you should take part in sporting events, to develop into an athlete, etc.
Nowadays, students are not able to determine their way of studying properly, students are now learning the same way as the majority, such as when you have not determined how to study. If you go through a logical learning mode, you will not be able to absorb the knowledge of the teacher that the students are losing in class. However, in addition to defining your learning styles, you also need to identify who you are, acting as a member of a team to be able to develop your strengths. You should experience different positions in a group so that you can recognize your strengths and weaknesses, and overcome them and improve them to become better and better. For example, the group must have the best options in the group and have the best options for improving the group or alternatives to have a better team exercise. Do not simply read or memorize documents; Stop periodically to review what you have read and think about possible questions or applications Write a short summary of the readings or class notes in your own way to retain the material more effectively.

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Questions from the survey:
What I believe I can contribute to a team?
If I have a possible shortcoming in teamwork it could be that
When involved in a project with other people
My characteristic approach to group work is that
I gain satisfaction in a job because
What kind of book would you like to read for fun? 
You’re out shopping for clothes, and you’re waiting in line to pay. What are you most likely to do while you are waiting?
What’s the best way for you to study for a test? 
If you went to a school dance, what would you be most likely to remember the next day?
When you hear a song on the radio, what are you most likely to do?
When you are happy, what are you most likely to do?
When in a new place, how do you find your way around?
Of these three classes, which is your favorite?
What is the best way for you to remember a friend’s phone number? 
You find it most uncomfortable to be in class?
Do you believe team work and helping others is just as important as individual performance?
Do you willingly share the knowledge and skills with team members?
Do the presents team members have opportunities to learn, grown and develop?
Do the presents team members have opportunities to learn, grown and develop?
Do you agree that individual work help develop strongly your capacity?


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