(a) Advantages of an online survey of a cross-section of Internet households include encouraging the new customers to give it a try as internet households are interested in online coupons, products ads etc. It can reach to wide range of people, it gives the result faster, and it is more flexible.
Disadvantages of this method include the fact that many internet households in the sample may not be reached. They may have “ad blocker” that can prevent the survey from being viewed. The recipient may not open or choose not to respond. Survey answers may be inattentive, just to get the promo or offers.
(b)Advantages of an online survey of Carmex Facebook likers are that it is cost effective, the sample population of actual Carmex product users is the ones answering the survey. Respondents can just click on the flavor to register their preference. And generally, more accurate results.
Disadvantages are that the sample misses the nonusers of Carmex lip balm. Carmex lip balm who are not Facebook likers are not sampled.


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