(Author-2009) entitled the “Separation and children: How it affects your kids” there were close to 50,000 divorces granted, with nearly 25,000 of those divorces involving children less than 18 years of age. With research showing that 50 percent of children still fantasize about their parents reuniting 10 years after separation, the affects of separation and divorce are clearly felt on kids in the short and long term.
The children of a separating couple will surely be affected regardless of the age and gender of the child. There can be some short-term effects and also long-term effects. In the short-term, the feeling of sadness (that can lead to isolation, loneliness, social difficulties, and also can leave the child underperforming in academics) and anger (which came from the feeling of abandonment, guilt, worries or blame towards another parent) are normal and should be expected. In the long term, children from broken families are more likely to experience higher incidence of drug use, criminality, and broken marriages in their own lives and depression. Girls are expected to be best in the short-term after the separation. As the girls seem to have the emotional capacity to digest and deal with separation – at least on the surface, leaving the boys dealing with greater challenges. But in the long-term the case is different, with the girls showing the greatest psychological vulnerability because as the time goes by, the stress associated with their parents’ break up build up.


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