10% Of Canadians believe that Canada should allow the immigration of refugees (AI Today, 2018). Is immigration of refugees worth this trust? Will admitting more refugees in Canada would benefit the society? Refugee is a person who is displaced from his/her own country due to oppression, war and viciousness, has increased since victimizing the Syrian people in the ongoing years. Refugees have always been a controversial matter for Canada. There are many people who hold different opinions about these immigrants. They have been often looked at with the wrong perspective and have faced a certain scrutiny of discrimination in the past few years. There are many instances, where refugees have to suffer from separation within a particular form of society. The amount of refugees immigrating Canada have increased very rapidly, the number is more likely to increase by year 2020. But, there is a huge possibility that there could be an obstruction of these refugees migrating into Canada. As, immigration of refugees has led people to hold many believes about the questions of the influx of these refugees. Current, situation is not in the favor of these immigrants. Although refugees are believed to be the burden on a country but their skills can help a country to develop. Furthermore, they are not a liability they can be a great help for a country’s development.


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