Inventory control is vitally important to almost every type of business, whether product or service oriented. Inventory control touches almost every facets if operations. A proper balance must be struck to maintain proper inventory with the minimum financial impact on the customer. Inventory control is the activities that maintain stock keeping items at desired levels. In manufacturing since the focus is on physical product, inventory control focus on material control.

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“Inventory” means physical stock of goods, which is kept in hands for smooth and efficient running of future affairs of an organization at the minimum cost of funds blocked in inventories. The fundamental reason for carrying inventory is that it is physically impossible and economically impractical for each stock item to arrive exactly where it is needed, exactly when it is needed.

Inventory management is the integrated functioning of an organization dealing with supply of materials and allied activities in order to achieve the maximum co-ordination and optimum expenditure on materials. Inventory control is the most important function of inventory management and it forms the nerve center in any inventory management organization. An Inventory Management System is an essential element in an organization. It is comprised of a series of processes, which provide an assessment of the organization’s inventory.


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