1.1.1 Research Background

Strategic competitiveness is defined as the long term plan of a firm to gain competitive advantage over its competitors in the industry. It is implemented in order to create defensive position in a business and creating a superior return on investment. These types of strategies play a very significant role when industry is very competitive and consumers are provided with almost similar products.
Business owners want to make a wise decision while implementing the long-term direction of their company, but they are sometimes confused and don’t know where to begin. This is where strategic management comes in action. The use of strategic management tools and techniques is becoming essential in order for a company to determine its vision, mission and objectives. According to Gluck, Kaufman and Walleck,1982, strategic management analysis refers to the deployment and implementation of the strategic plan, measurement and evaluation of the results. It is through a successful formulation and implementation of strategic management that strategic competitiveness can be achieved.
Competitive strategy the ultimate decisions that guides the organization’s marketing, financial management and operating strategies.
This thesis will be assessing the competitive strategy of MamoKacha Coffee shop.
MamoKacha which made its debut in July 2015, is a high end coffee shop located in Addis Ababa the capital city of Ethiopia. The company opened 2 new locations between 2016 and 2017. The coffee shops are located in the main areas of the capital city and have become one of the most desired hangout spots. The coffee shop is MamoKacha’s most recent project and it has been a successful one.

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