1. Sociology focuses on groups of people in an attempt to understand and analyse the patterns and behaviours of humans in society.
2. The word patriarchy comes from the Greek word “patrarkhia” meaning ruling father. It is a system in which men hold primary power, this is usually the father or the eldest male being head of the family. An example of this could be of men making rules and holding control in their own household by expecting women to stay at home to look after children and ensure the general upkeep of household chores.
The lack of ethical and social standards in an individual or a group of people is Anomie. ” The concept, thought of as ‘normlessness’ was developed by founding sociologist Emile Durkheim.” ( www.thoughtco.com/anomie-definition-3026052). Anomie or normlessness is people no longer having or living by the norms and values which they once had.


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