1. Things are in motion all around us all the time and because of that there has to be a reason for it to happen. Locomotion is the original cause of motion and that type of motion is circular. Meaning that everything is moving. Circles are a good example because circles are constantly going in a infinite rotation. Motion was the concept of a natural resting place. Aristotle thought all motion was founded on an object attempting to reach its natural resting place. Violent motion which describes motion has an external force which is used to mn ove it. For example, a ball rolling would be a prime example of natural motion because it has a natural effect of it rolling down a hill or any place else. Then on the other hand, a person tossing the ball would be seen as a violent movement because the ball would not have a natural tendancy to fly across the air with someone doing the motion. Violent movement does not happen on by itself. For this to see classified as violent movement, a person would literally have to physically move the ball in a inconsistant manner with all of its natural movements.
2. Potentiality is the falcuty that something has and actuality is the realization of that faculty. Aristotle shows the solution of how an object can slowly can turn into something else by differentiating between the potentiality and actuality movement. An object that is in a state of actuality, meaning that it is exactly what it is, but also has potential to be something else. Its potentiality is an concept of thing as actual. Further, It’s completeness of what is potential when it’s fully real and moves not as it’s own intity but as movable, that is motion.” The actuality of a object as movable, is pretty much saying it is potentialily as moved, is motion. Potentiality is in an object and it is the object as this potentiality in the moment of being actual actualized which is to be classified as motion. Things do no act on their own potential because of nothing, there must be cause for actualization. When he said that the second mover must operate one way because of itself and in another way because of something else, hes saying that motion in within the object that is moved

For example, a flat football has the potentiality to be a pumped up football. The actualization of it’s potentiality to be a pumped up Football is by motion. It’s obvious that if we have an infinite chain of objects, the whole thing must itself, move at this moment in time. That’s not possible infinite time. If that was the case, then this would have to be true for everything everywhere all over the world that is in the moment of being moved. That would be a lot of chains and a whole lot of infinite movements. It’s crazy that these infinite chains can move in finite time, yet objects are moved or changed in finite time, the chains cannot be infinite.
3. An infinite chain would have more than a googol of elements, which is 10100; it would have more than a googoplex of elements, which is 10googol. If you were to keep repeating this, specifically taking 10 to the power of the last result, then finishing this once for a second for a whole day, you’d still wouldn’t come close to reaching infinity. You’d still be pretty infinitely far away. But to us humans, unthinkably long chain would have only just got started. Just to use your arm to move a stick to push a stone. An infinite chain never stops. Its moves continually and does not ceases. If infinite chains were to exist, there would not and could not be a first element. How, then, would the whole thing get started? well, it could not. It would be completly impossible—not unlikely, but impossible.

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