1.1 Background study
Bangladesh is a developing country of the 3rd world. Garments sector is playing a greater role for the economy of Bangladesh. Clothing sector contributing more than 10% of total GDP . Recently, it has emerged as the biggest source of earning foreign currency. EU, USA, Japan, Australia, Canada, is the main importers of Bangladeshi apparel. It remains on the market by competing with giant companies between India and China. (Siddiqi.2004), the success behind the garment’s industry of Bangladesh is its cheap labor compared to many countries of the world.
In late 70s Bangladesh started clothing business casually. In the garment and clothing business sector export registered in 1970 but in the 1980s start getting the business achievement. Now the garment sector is the most important export business sector of Bangladesh. M Wahid – ?2017
The readymade garment sector of Bangladesh is the foundation of Bangladeshi economy its work as a catalyst for the development of this country.
We take pride in the part that has been getting billions of dollars as fare profit and making employments for many individuals in the nation. The “Made in Bangladesh” this tag has additionally brought radiance for Bangladesh, making it a lofty brand over the globe.
Bangladesh, which was once termed by cynics a “bottomless basket”, had now become a “basket full of wonders.”
Bangladeshi apparel sectors became strong competitor in this business area because of their low cost labor.
Bangladeshi RMG export growth is significant, although we have seen in one recent report
that, Export Promotion Bureau (EPB) Bangladesh shows Bangladesh RMG isn’t having the capacity to achieve the export target which could be a misfortune in achieving the 2021 goal of the country to achieve 50 billion export.
By the data of EBP in 2016 Bangladesh export USD 28.6 billion and by ITC data shows export is USD 33.45 billion. Abdullah Al Mahmud, January 2018


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